CLWR launches new project in the Democratic Republic of Congo

New project to provide treatment for malnourished children of internally displaced people

To help meet the nutritional needs of internally displaced people in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR) is launching a two-year project in April 2017.

The project aims to provide treatment for approximately 3000 children under five who are experiencing malnutrition, provide support for 12,000 family members of malnourished children, and train health care professionals in the treatment of malnutrition.

CLWR will receive $1,057,722 in funding from Canadian Foodgrains Bank for the project, which will be implemented by Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Walid Nammour: A gifted leader for AVH

Walid Nammour.png

Most people who follow the course of events surrounding the work of Lutherans in the Holy Land will know that there has been a change in leadership at Augusta Victoria Hospital on the Mount of Olives because of the death of Dr. Tawfiq Nasser.

During a recent visit to the hospital, I was delighted to see that the passion and vision that Dr. Nasser had for the hospital also drives Walid Nammour, the new CEO of this LWF – Jersualem project.

I invite you to view the video of my interview with Mr. Nammour at this link:

Please read the article “LWF Jerusalem cancer hospital a center of excellence” published by Lutheran World Federation on their LWF – Jerusalem website.

Tom Brook, Community Relations Director – Canadian Lutheran World Relief

Advent calendar – December 21

child drinking from well

Photo: Lutheran World Federation/M.Renaux

One of CLWR’s implementing partners is The Lutheran World Federation, which is a global communion of 145 churches in the Lutheran tradition, representing over 74 million Christians in 98 countries. Liberated by God’s grace, LWF is a communion in Christ living and working together for a just, peaceful, and reconciled world.

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Advent calendar – December 19

ceramics students

Students in the Ceramics department of the LWF-Jerusalem Vocational Training Centre. Photo: CLWR/T.Brook

This is how you change lives!

Every time I visit the Vocational Training Program (VTP) in Beit Hanina, East Jerusalem I am struck by the increased quality of the finished products being produced by the students. Whether it is metalwork, auto mechanics, culinary arts, woodworking or any of the other disciplines, you can see higher quality, more complex work every time.

ceramic products

Ceramic products made by students at the LWF-Jerusalem Vocational Training Centre. Photo: CLWR/T.Brook

Nowhere in this Lutheran World Federation-Jerusalem institution is this more true than in the Ceramics Department. Instruction in this department is designed to equip students, mostly young women, with the skills to turn out high quality products for the tourist trade, home and industrial use. Combining a high level of art and design the finished products are as good as can be found anywhere in the Middle East.

The department has state-of-the-art pottery wheel, kilns, hand tools and craft supplies and is led by a capable staff.

I think the genius of VTP is as much about how they treat their grads as the quality of instruction. VTP trains people for employment so that the vast majority enter the job market immediately or start up their own businesses. They receive advice and assistance and personal follow up to ensure they are successful.

pottery wheels

Pottery wheels are available for students and graduates to use at the LWF-Jerusalem Vocational Training Centre. Photo: CLWR/T.Brook

For grads in ceramics it goes even further. Students have use of the department’s equipment including wheels and kilns and can access expensive art supplies. The department even makes sure those wishing to sell their products themselves have access to a marketing website and expert advice.

This is how you change lives.

Tom Brook
Community Relations Director
Canadian Lutheran World Relief

Advent calendar – December 13

computer workshop

Young women in a Peace Oasis computer workshop. Photo: LWF/ M. de la Guardia

LWF Peace Oasis in Za’atari refugee camp offers hope for young refugees from Syria

“The LWF programs are useful because they help us to achieve our goals,” says Sumayah Hassan Al-Salem. The 19-year-old is a refugee from Syria and one of the participants of the office management courses at The Lutheran World federation (LWF) Peace Oasis in Za’atari refugee camp, Jordan.

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More support needed for refugees in Uganda

Six weeks after an outbreak of violence in South Sudan forced tens of thousands to flee, the situation of South Sudanese refugees in Uganda is still critical. More than 70,000 have fled to Adjumani, Northern Uganda, where The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) together with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and Dan Church Aid (DCA) is responding to the ongoing influx from the neighbouring country. Most recently, a cholera outbreak has threatened especially children in a newly installed settlement.

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