Supporting small-scale farmers in Ethiopia


Berzegen Yimam is the secretary of a watershed conservation committee and surveyor for a project in northern Ethiopia that’s helping small-scale farmers increase their food production. Photo: CLWR/M.Mutch

Berzegen Yimam is a participant in a project in northern Ethiopia that’s designed to help small-scale farmers increase their food production. Erratic rainfall, limited irrigation systems and land degradation are some of the challenges these farmers face.

Berzegen is the secretary of a watershed conservation committee in Lalibela, Ethiopia. This committee manages and maintains the irrigation systems. She’s seen firsthand the difference that investing in irrigation systems and watershed conservation makes.

“Before there was only one permanent spring in the area,” she says. “Now there are three.”

Berzegen received training to be a surveyor for the project, a role typically held by men. She’s responsible for ensuring that the water conservation structures are built level and can stop the process of soil erosion. Additionally, the watershed in her region is now producing grasses that can be harvested to feed livestock.

Your support makes it possible for women like Berzegen to increase their food production for themselves, their families and their communities. Thank you!

Walid Nammour: A gifted leader for AVH

Walid Nammour.png

Most people who follow the course of events surrounding the work of Lutherans in the Holy Land will know that there has been a change in leadership at Augusta Victoria Hospital on the Mount of Olives because of the death of Dr. Tawfiq Nasser.

During a recent visit to the hospital, I was delighted to see that the passion and vision that Dr. Nasser had for the hospital also drives Walid Nammour, the new CEO of this LWF – Jersualem project.

I invite you to view the video of my interview with Mr. Nammour at this link:

Please read the article “LWF Jerusalem cancer hospital a center of excellence” published by Lutheran World Federation on their LWF – Jerusalem website.

Tom Brook, Community Relations Director – Canadian Lutheran World Relief

B.C. Baling Days 2017


On May 15-16, 2017, the Lutheran churches of British Columbia will once again gather in Abbotsford and rally in support of families in need in Mauritania. For over 20 years, B.C. Baling Days has been a highlight on the We Care calendar, and we are pleased to extend an invitation to everyone in British Columbia to get involved in this event.

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Seems like home

global encounter 2018

February 26, 2017 was Transfiguration Sunday. We know the story. Peter, James and John go up the mountain with Jesus. The experience is so startling, so exciting that Peter wants to build shelters and just stay there.

Of course, Peter came down the mountain but if you asked him if he wanted to go back, I doubt there would be a second of resistance.

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Supporting smallholder farmers

farmer in Zimbabwe

Photo: Canadian Foodgrains Bank

We all know farming is important. Agriculture provides us with food to keep us healthy and productive, and contributes to our economic health as communities and as a country.

Support for agriculture in developing countries is also one of the best ways to alleviate hunger. In the developing world at least 70 per cent of people who regularly go to bed hungry live in rural areas. Many of these people are smallholder farmers, a majority of whom are women. Supporting smallholder farmers will enable them to improve their family’s health, nutrition and household income, reducing the need for measures such as food aid.

Improving smallholder agriculture paves the way for progress in other sectors, including health and education. It is vital for building strong populations and strong economies.

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