Advent calendar – December 9

students in northern Jordan

Young Syrian and Jordanian students at a school in northern Jordan. Photo: CLWR/K.Schroeder

With your support and funding from Global Affairs Canada, CLWR is working with Lutheran World Federation-Jordan and the Government of Jordan Ministry of Education to launch a new project that will focus on school rehabilitation and training for education staff. The project, which will launch mid-December in Amman, Jordan, will renovate, repair and/or upgrade the infrastructure of 75 schools.

Additionally, the project will provide training for staff trainers on hygiene promotion; environmental awareness; movements, games and sport; child protection, and non-violent communication. The staff trainers will conduct a series of trainings for teachers, advisors and school administrators from the rehabilitated schools.

gifts from the heart logoHelping teachers develop their skills benefits everyone they teach, and education is a powerful weapon in the fight against poverty. Your gift brings hope and learning to children and adults in refugee camps by supporting the educators who make schooling possible. Give a gift to train a teacher.

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