Advent calendar – December 6

Mosul refugees

A refugee woman from Mosul, carries donations she received in Dibaga camp, Makhmur, Iraq. Photo: LWF/Seivan M.Salim

Your support is helping CLWR improve living conditions, provide psychosocial support and build social cohesion for internally displaced persons and their host communities

Supported by your donations and funding from Global Affairs Canada, CLWR has worked in partnership with Lutheran World Federation Iraq (LWF Iraq) to assist internally displaced persons (IDPs) in northern Iraq since 2015. Together, CLWR and LWF Iraq have designed and implemented projects to provide much needed support to individuals and families who fled their homes to escape violent persecution. In 2015 we assisted over 15,500 IDP households by upgrading temporary shelters to offer protection from the elements, improving access to public water infrastructure and sanitation facilities, and distributing basic necessities such as mattresses, blankets, kerosene, air coolers, hygiene kits and mother/infant dignity kits. These activities helped Iraqi IDPs cope with extreme winter and summer weather and insufficient hygiene conditions while living in makeshift accommodations.

CLWR and LWF Iraq’s current project is working to improve living conditions, provide psychosocial support and build social cohesion for 5,000 vulnerable displaced households and their host communities. This year-long project is distributing hygiene kits, upgrading public water infrastructure and conducting psychosocial support workshops for IDPs who have been traumatized by the violence and upheaval they have experienced. IDPs and the communities that are hosting them also have access to grant funds to support local community activities in order to build social cohesion in communities which are experiencing large influxes of IDPs.

gifts from the heart logoIn northern Iraq, displaced Iraqi women and girls struggle to access even basic essentials. Your gift will help CLWR deliver much needed supplies of women’s hygiene products and undergarments to various refugee camps and settlements across the region. Give the gift of a women’s dignity kit.


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