Advent calendar – December 3

Water brings hope to new farmers in northern Ethiopia

ato arbese ahmed

Ato Arbese Ahmed. Photo: Support for Sustainable Development

In northern Ethiopia, years of persistent drought have caused many families to become nomadic, searching for water and forage for their livestock. This was the case for Ato Arbese Ahmed and his family, who had been nomadic for eight months or more at a time. Now, Ato and his family are putting down roots in their homeland, thanks to a CLWR-sponsored irrigation project.

The construction of water diversion structures and canals and the planting of thousands of tree seedlings are transforming 150 hectares of arid land into productive small-plot farms to support families like Ato’s. The construction skills Ato has learned as part of the project have generated extra income for his family. He’s now able to send four of his school-aged children to school and is making plans to improve his family’s housing. CLWR’s partnership with the people of Afar, Ethiopia is reflective of our commitment to developing long-term relationships that lead to more sustainable livelihoods. Thank you for your support, which has enabled us to work in the region since 2002!

gifts from the heart logoFarmers can never be sure when the next rain will come. Pipes and pumps transfer water from a river or reservoir, allowing crops to thrive in dry spells. Increased yields mean extra produce can be sold to increase incomes. Give a gift to irrigate a field.

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