All joy and peace

Here are two reports from the Alberta and the Territories Synod about some activities concerning Fort McMurray Wildfire Evacuees.

Gathering of Current and Former Members of Christ the King Lutheran, Ft. McMurray.  (Source: Cathy Kochendorfer)

This past Saturday, May 28, Bishop Larry and Cathy Kochendorfer gathered with current and formers members of Christ the King Lutheran, Ft. McMurray at an acreage near Rochester (south of Athabasca) for a worship service, feast and farewell to Pastor Susan and Cliff Horton (retiring at the end of June).

The worship included the baptism of an infant (previously the baptism had been set for June 5 in Ft. McMurray) which was a wonderful reminder of God’s loving presence and embrace of all through the Water and Word of our Baptism; we were fed and nurtured through the Word proclaimed by Pastor Susan and in the bread and wine – Christ’s very body and blood; and encouragement and support abounded as stories and experiences were shared during an incredible feast and as gratitude was expressed to the Hortons.

Your continuing prayers for all those touched by this devastation are appreciated.

 Worship – for those touched by devastation (source: Bishop Larry Kochendorfer)

Bishop Larry Kochendorfer and the Synod of Alberta and the Territory hosted a service for those touched by devastation on May 10, one week after wildfires destroyed areas of Ft. McMurray.

This time of prayer and candlelighting using an evening prayer service, Holden Evening Prayer, was a welcome gathering for many from across the Synod and for those from Christ the King Lutheran congregation, Ft. McMurray.


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