A gift of warmth: quilts from Saskatchewan

Martha Propp (age 94, currently residing in Yorkton, Sk)
Christ Lutheran Church, Rhein, SK
Eva Yobb (age 70, residing on family farm)
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Langenburg, SK

I wanted to write to you about how my extended family is participating in the quilt-making program.I am very proud of the effort, and even though I don’t quilt myself, I consider myself a cheerleader or a champion of the effort!

My children and I cheer each time Grandma (my mom) sends us a photo of another quilt she has completed, and we look through the distribution photos on your web-site to see if we can spot the quilts, and note how many ways in which we see this Canadian prairie effort blessing people around the globe.It makes the heart feel lighter, and is worth all the cheering!

When my Great Aunt Martha finally went to live in the nursing home, it left several generations of linens, clothing, and household items in her home. My parents sorted and cleaned all these items, donating appropriate items to women’s and homeless shelters, with my mother making quilts from the rest. Together with Rita Schultz and others in Langenburg, SK, a vast variety or items makes its way to the Winnipeg depot for bundling and distribution around the world. As a child in Sunday school, I remember putting together school kits, I have heard of another person who makes sundresses and bandages…And this is just one small prairie community!

My Mom was starting to tire of making quilts and worried about her workmanship and if her quilts were really making a difference. When I showed her the wonderful photo gallery with its many happy faces and quilts used in a variety of ways, her comment was: “Thanks, now I really want to keep ripping and sewing. I am so glad that I decided to do quilts with Martha’s stuff. Even though she doesn’t know it, I am proud to say on her behalf that is it being used for a good cause. They as a family really didn’t have much. xoxoxoxoxo Mom”

-Yolanda Yobb

2 thoughts on “A gift of warmth: quilts from Saskatchewan

  1. HELLO – What a wonderful way to “spread” your love! I too quilt for CLWR, just sewing 8″ blocks together at home and then go to our “party” (men come too, they can do everything). We have taken a summer recess not but proud to say our little group sent 66 large quilts, 30(?) little ones and 12 baby bundles…all sent with our love by Home Hardware to Winnipeg. Do you belong to LWMLC too? Elaine Murphy

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