CLWR releases Ft. McMurray wildfire relief guidelines


CLWR Emergency Fund Guidelines – Beginning May 2016

In response to the Fort McMurray Wildfire, Church groups and congregations in Alberta are invited to apply for funds for projects that will benefit the congregations and people of Fort McMurray from the CLWR Emergency Fund.

The following guidelines are intended to help in putting together an application and subsequently reporting on the project.

  1. Application Forms: The proposal and reporting forms are available from the ELCIC Synod of Alberta and the Territories (ELCIC-SAT) and the Lutheran Church-Canada Alberta British Columbia District (LCC-ABC). Completed application forms should be submitted electronically to the respective Church offices for review in partnership with CLWR. ELCIC-SAT email address is: and LCC-ABC email address is:
  1. Funding Eligibility: To be eligible for funding, the implementing agency should be a registered Canadian charity and working in the vicinity of the emergency.
  1. Project Proposal: Please ensure that your proposal is submitted using the proposal form and includes the following information: project name; start and end date; project description; project objective and expected results; number of individuals and families that will benefit from the project; impact on the community; and how progress/success will be measured.
  1. Budget:

Provide an itemized list of budgeted expenses for the proposed project. Approved funds will be disbursed directly to the implementing Church groups or congregations directly by CLWR. Implementing groups will be responsible for all repo *


To ensure accountability to donors, CLWR needs to receive reporting on all projects funded.  This report must be submitted to CLWR within two months of completing the project. The report, including photos, should be submitted using the report template and include information on the project activities, results achieved and the number of individuals/families benefiting from the project.

Financial Reporting: The financial section of the report should list all the actual expenses pertaining to the project. Please submit copies of all receipts.

Tom Brook, Community Relations Director






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