Coping with drought, fighting hunger in Ethiopia

Kulsuma Leita Aredo is working towards a better future, where she is better able to cope with the frequent droughts that hit Ethiopia. This is thanks to your support!

However, we urgently need you to support other families struggling with hunger during the worst drought that Ethiopia has seen in at least 30 years.

Like many farmers who are struggling, Kulsuma was born and raised in a nomadic herding family in the Afar region of Ethiopia. Over the years she has witnessed the gradual decline in rainfall and pasture land for her family’s livestock.

“Unless we have an additional source of food, the animals die and we starve.”

Irrigation systems provide water, food

She is participating in the construction of an irrigation system on the Jara River to provide access to 100 hectares of irrigated farmland for 300 households. This project will benefit approximately 2,400 people.

Community members, including Kulsuma, are receiving food in exchange for their labour, as well as training in irrigated farming practices and other supports that will benefit their farms once they start growing their own food.

Kulsuma and 49 other women are also participating in a newly established women’s savings and credit group to save money and provide loans for small businesses.

“Once the project gives me the seed money I will start my own business,” says Kulsuma. “I am discussing with my daughters in what business to invest the money. My family will also receive an irrigable plot when the infrastructure is ready.

 [God-willing]! Life will be different soon.”
EMERGENCY APPEAL: Support other communities as they struggle with drought 

Irrigation can save lives in a drought as serious as the one that is currently affecting millions of people across Ethiopia. CLWR is responding with our Ethiopian humanitarian partners, but we urgently need your help. For one, your support will help pay for repairs to broken irrigation infrastructure, so that it can be used by farmers to water their crops.


Community members who are most vulnerable to hunger will receive food or cash to do the work.
Please donate today

To learn more about how your support will make a difference, please click here. Wish to make a gift? Put your donation to work faster by donating online or calling 1.800.661.2597.
The Amuli II Small-Scale Irrigation-based project that Kulsuma is working on is funded by Canadian Foodgrains Bank, CLWR and the Amhara National Regional State in Ethiopia, and implemented by our local partner agency, Support for Sustainable Development.

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