A CLWR prayer for the Third Sunday of Lent

clwr weekly prayer place filler
Merciful God, sometimes we are ungrateful for all of the blessings you have provided. Sometimes we are stubborn, entitled and selfish. We are not always the people you call us to be and we turn inward, wanting to have things our way. Yet you, O Lord, are gracious and merciful. You call us to repent, to admit our sin and our brokenness, and to turn to you. And even when we don’t, like a gardener you want to nurture our faith. You care for us and draw us back to a life of fruitfulness. Living into this grace, we are called to do your work in the world, to show the same nurture, love and care that you have shown to us, to reach out to the sick, the marginalized, the discriminated and the hurting. Help us to live out this calling and to continually repent, reaching out to you as you draw us to yourself, in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Gospel: Luke 13: 1-9  Unless you repent, you will perish: parable of the fig tree
Thanks to Pastor Fran Schmidt for contributing CLWR’s prayer for the Third Sunday of Lent. Pastor Schmidt is Mission Developer for the Kairos Lutheran Faith Community, Warman area, Saskatchewan.

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