A CLWR prayer for the First Sunday of Lent

clwr weekly prayer place filler


O God, our strength and our redeemer, help us to follow you and worship only you. Give us your grace to discern when an idea or opportunity is something you brought us, or if it is one being planted by the tempter. The forces that try to work against you, O God, are strong, so make us stronger and braver to withstand that which is not of you. You desire life and health and are concerned about the well-being of all people; the tempter turns us inward to see only what benefits us. Send your angels and your Holy Spirit to guide us, and when we give in to temptation around us, grant us forgiveness by your Son Jesus Christ. Uphold us, keep us close and remind us again that we are your beloved. Amen.

Gospel: Luke 4: 1-13 The temptation of Jesus in the wilderness for forty days

Thanks to Pastor Fran Schmidt for contributing CLWR’s prayer for the First Sunday of Lent. Pastor Schmidt is the Mission Developer for the Kairos Lutheran Faith Community in Warman area, Saskatchewan.

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