Safer and healthier living conditions for Syrian refugee families


Fazia and several of her children and grandchildren. Shelter repairs have created safer and healthier living conditions for this Syrian refugee family. Photo: CLWR/J.Clark

Tarek* and Fazia* now feel much safer under their own roof, thanks to your support.

The Syrian couple, along with their five children, their daughter-in-law and three grandchildren, live in a small dwelling in northern Jordan.

Although they have found safety from the violence that has overtaken Syria, they faced a different kind of danger in the refuge they have found in Jordan.

Sections of their roof were almost on the verge of collapse, electrical problems made fire a threat and water coming in the house created mold which made the children sick. Moving wasn’t a good option. Demand for housing is high, and because Syrians aren’t legally allowed to work in Jordan, most refugee families have little income to pay for repairs or a better place to stay. Nevertheless, the repairs for this family’s house were desperately needed.

Tarek showed us what your financial support and funding from the Canadian government had done to improve living conditions for his family. The roof was repaired and so was the wiring, and a water heater was installed to make safe water easily accessible. Over 700 shelters received similar kinds of repairs, depending on need.

Tarek and Fazia are thankful for the help! The children are healthier now and the whole family feels much more secure.

Your support for Syrian refugees in Jordan is implemented by Lutheran World Federation–Jordan.

*not their real names


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