Kids helping kids at Messiah Lutheran, Camrose

What an inspiring group of kids. Last spring, the Sunday School at Messiah Lutheran Church in Camrose honoured one of their fellow students, Shelby Hasselbohm, by raising $250 to help sick children. Eight-year-old Shelby is in treatment for leukemia. The funds they raised went to help children needing dialysis treatment for kidney disease at the Augusta Victoria Hospital in East Jerusalem.

Marlys Sorenson, Children’s Ministry Coordinator, explains how they did it:

In April and May 2015, our Sunday School (called KidFEST – FEST stands for Faith Education and Son [or Servant] Training) decided to participate in an offering project to support CLWR’s Care for a Child gift in the Gifts from the Heart catalogue. This gift supports a child needing dialysis treatment for kidney disease at the Augusta Victoria Hospital in East Jerusalem. Our KidFEST did this in honour of one of our own students, Shelby Hasselbohm, age 8, who was diagnosed with leukemia in December and has been going to the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton for regular treatments since then.


Members of KidFEST with their quarter folders. Shelby is in the black hat. Photo by Marlys Sorenson

We collected money by putting quarters on “quarter folders” (similar to the dime folders we used to use in Lent many years ago). Folders were given out to each family, or individuals, each month, and when they were full they were brought to church and placed in our offering basket. Each one is $10 when filled up. Shelby, her older sister Hannah, her younger brother Jakob, her mom and I took all the quarters off at the Hasselbohm home!


Removing all the quarters at the Hasselbohm house!


A completed quarter folder.

We are pleased to send you our donation of $250 to help one child receive dialysis treatment. I am enclosing a cheque in that amount (not the bag of quarters!). May God bless that dear child.

-Marlys Sorenson

God bless Shelby and her family and everyone at KidFEST. Thank you for making a difference for children in need of life-saving health care.

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