CLWR asks you to share on Giving Tuesday

GSD Facebook AD 1 classroom size reduced

The conditions of schools Syrian refugee kids attend in Jordan is the focus of Canadian Lutheran World Relief’s (CLWR) Giving Tuesday campaign, December 1. The charitable online giving emphasis is a reaction to Black Friday, November 27, and Cyber Monday, November 30, which are all about shopping.

With the theme “Giving School-Day” the relief and development organization is hoping to raise $20,000 to makeover a number of schools in Jordan. The project will install or upgrade electrical, windows, plumbing, doors, floors, stairs, school yards—all the things that create a positive learning environment. And until December 31, each gift supporting Syrian refugees is matched by the Canadian government.

“Jordan’s education system is coping with an influx of more than 100,000 Syrian students. Facilities are being stretched beyond their ability to cope and that doesn’t contribute to a positive learning environment,” explained CLWR executive director Robert Granke.

Granke noted that while Canada and CLWR prepare to welcome at least 25,000 Syrian refugees, the reality is that most of the 620,00 Syrian refugees living in Jordan will not be resettled anytime soon. They are living with the hope that peace will prevail and many hope to one day return to Syria. In the meantime, refugee families struggle to meet their basic needs, including making sure their children go to school.

“Supporting the education of the refugee children plants seeds of hope for a brighter future,” Granke said. “At Christmas we celebrate God’s gift of hope to us in Jesus Christ, and Giving School-Day is a great way to share that hope with others.”

To support Giving School-Day go to


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