“Education is key, and these youth want to use it”

vocational training, Palestine, job training Palestinian young adults, Lutheran World Federation Jerusalem

Yousef has opened a metal workshop in Ash-Shuyuk and provides employment to his brother. Photo by LWF Jerusalem/T. Montgomery

You are helping young men and women afford the training they need to get jobs, support themselves and their families and give back to their community.

These young adults include Yousef, Jasim, Qusai and Yasmin. Read their stories by clicking here.

Almost a quarter of the people in the Palestinian Territories live below the poverty line, and opportunities for job training and employment are severely limited by the ongoing conflict with Israel.

The goal of the Vocational Training Program in Jerusalem and the West Bank, run by the Lutheran World Federation, is to give Palestinian young adults training that’s relevant to the job market, and helps them contribute positively to their society.

This training is provided in part through your donations to the “Train a Carpenter” gift in our Gifts from the Heart catalogue (or the “Tools and Texts” gift in previous catalogues).

Many of these students, like Yousef and Jasim, have gone on to start their own businesses, employ other people and take on other students as apprentices.

“It gave me hope to look into the eyes of the young people,” said Rev. Martin Junge, general secretary for the Lutheran World Federation.

“While I recognized in some of them the pain of violence, loss and conflict, I saw in all of them a determination, a real thirst for a life in dignity: earning their own salaries, finding a place in society, contributing to build the social and political fabric of their society.”

“That’s why they are learning in the VTC, even when traveling long distances, or sometimes spending hours at checkpoints: education is the key and these youth want to use it.”

– Read about Yousef, Jasim, Jihad, Qusai and Yasmin and see photos by clicking here. Story provided courtesy of the Lutheran World Federation

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