Thank you Thursday for Giving School-Day

CLWR Thank You Thursday size reducedMany children are going to have the supplies they need to go to school, thanks to a strong outpouring of support from Canadian Lutherans on Giving Tuesday.

In mid-November, we asked our supporters to donate to our version of Giving Tuesday: “Giving School-Day.”

Our goal was to raise enough money for 20 classrooms for children in refugee camps. The approximate cost of equipping one classroom is $250, making $5,000 the goal in dollars.

That goal of 20 classrooms has almost quadrupled! The current tally is over $19,500.

The donations will help provide temporary tent classrooms and more permanent schools for South Sudanese children taking refuge in Kenya and Uganda. The donations also help to fill the classrooms with desks, chairs, blackboards, books and other school supplies.

Although people were only asked for a $20 donation, some congregations and church groups raised the cost of a whole classroom amongst themselves.

“I think the call to give back really resonates at this time of year, even as we’re hearing a lot about sales and buying things,” says Tom Brook, Community Relations Director for CLWR.

“The thought that there are people in the world who are in need is still top of mind for many. We are so thankful for that.”

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