A CLWR prayer for the Second Sunday of Advent, Feast of St. Ambrose

Reflection: Ambrose is often cited with promoting “antiphonal” or responsive chant. For example many congregations responsively sing the psalm during worship. Ambrose is also reputed to have composed the Christmas hymn, Veni Redemptor Gentium.

Latin:Veni, redemptor gentium;ostende partum Virginis;

miretur omne saeculum:

talis decet partus Deum.

English translation:Come, Redeemer of the nations;show forth the Virgin birth;

let every age marvel:

such a birth befits God.


Advent 2 - Dec. 4.2014

Coming One:

May the music proclaiming your advent resound in our lives.

Help us to hear your song in the chilling wind that sways spruce branches, causes prairie wheat to swell, and buoys geese on the wing.

Help us to marvel at the sound of laughter in the season and find our hope once again in you.


Our December prayers are contributed by The Rev. Scott L. Adams, an ELCA pastor from the United States currently serving as interim chaplain at Luther College at the University of Regina. Many thanks to Rev. Adams! 

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