Sturdy, remarkable souls

Wherever in the world I have encountered Lutheran World Federation staff – whether in the drought stricken Goro district of Ethiopia; the wreckage of Haiti; the Peace Oasis of Za’atari; Augusta Victoria Hospital; or the remote villages of Mozambique and so many other places – I have been struck by the passion and commitment for the work at hand.


The sturdy and remarkable women and men of the LWF – Uganda program are no exception. This was demonstrated in the attention to detail and compassion in the care that was designed for unaccompanied minors at the Boroli settlement which is one of the eight different locations for South Sudanese refugees in the Adjumani region of Uganda. Children are often orphaned or torn from their parents as a result of conflict or persecution around the world. Others, desperate to escape violence or poverty, risk everything to go in search of safety and opportunity

They are separated from parents and siblings. Family may have become lost on the trail, disappeared or killed before they could flee.

The situation demands special care.

At Boroli a special, secure compound has been established which contains three well built huts with latrine and shower facilities.

On my visit there was one child in care. He was nine or ten years old, the story changed whenever he was asked. He had no mother and his father joined the army and left him alone. Some good Samaritans took him to Adjumani and left him in the town where the police took him in until he could be transferred to Boroli. This child had great difficulty with anger issues and did not mix well with others.

The LWF team on site provides a caretaker and round the clock security. Four people take turns being with him all the time. He is never alone. They escort him to child friendly play spaces, and wherever else he needs to be and even sleep in the same hut.

Some day this child will have a secure future filled with hope, thanks to the very special care of LWF staff.

Tom Brook – Community Relations Director, Canadian Lutheran World Relief

Some members of LWF - Uganda staff at Adjumani - T. Brook/CLWR

Some members of LWF – Uganda staff at Adjumani – T. Brook/CLWR

Unacompanied minor accommodation Boroli Settlement Uganda - T.Brook/CLWR

Unacompanied minor accommodation Boroli Settlement Uganda – T.Brook/CLWR



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