Sending essential supplies to South Sudanese refugees

A child arrives at Kakuma. Photo courtesy of Lutheran World Federation.

A child arrives at Kakuma. Photo courtesy of Lutheran World Federation.

Our Road to Kakuma shipment will soon be on its way, thanks to the support of Canadian Lutherans across the country. See below for a media release about the shipment’s departure:

Volunteers and staff members from Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR) are sending supplies to refugees in Kenya’s Kakuma refugee camp.

The shipping container will be loaded Wednesday, July 16, from 8 a.m. to approximately 2 p.m. at 549 King Edward Street (CLWR’s Winnipeg warehouse).

The supplies are urgently needed. South Sudan’s crisis is swelling refugee camps like Kakuma beyond their normal capacity, and humanitarian agencies are struggling to provide services to everyone. The crisis has put nearly five million people in desperate need of aid.

“The people I met in Kakuma have gone through so much, and they continue to struggle,” says Heather Pryse, project officer for CLWR, who visited Kakuma in May. “But they are strong and resourceful and they are working hard to make the best of this tragic situation.”

The shipment contains essential items like blankets, diapers and clothing. About 2500 kits containing school supplies, toys, soap and toothpaste will support the education and well-being of children. Over 65 per cent of the new arrivals are under the age of 18, and a shocking number of these kids – about one quarter – come without any adult guardians and are in need of care.

Lutherans from across Canada have donated all supplies and part of the transportation costs. A “Road to Kakuma” fundraising campaign allowed donors to sponsor the shipment’s overland route, from the port at Mombasa, Kenya, to the camp about 1,300 kilometres away.

“We are so grateful for our supporters,” says Patrick Stewart, We Care program coordinator for CLWR. “They step up when there is need in the world and the aid we provide wouldn’t be possible without them.”

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