Your support empowers girls and women in India

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 11.53.51 AMThe Manitoba Council for International Cooperation has produced a five-minute International Development Week video featuring CLWR! Click here to watch it.

Please share it with your friends – if we receive the most views out of all the IDW videos by February 23 we’ll receive a $250 donation to our work.

(Plus, when you finish the video you’ll have a chance to enter to win a year’s worth of fair trade chocolate!)

The video features CLWR Program Director Elaine Peters who talks about one of our recent projects in India that worked towards ensuring education for girls and economic opportunities for women.

Families were encouraged to give their girls an education, and by the end of the project 100 per cent of the girls in the communities were going to school. Reducing child marriage is an important added benefit, because families who value education for their daughters usually won’t marry them off until they are of age.

Women were assisted in creating self-help groups that allows members to save money and give loans to women and men who wish to start small businesses.

Other work includes teaching healthy ways to handle conflict in a family, which addresses problems of domestic violence in homes.

The Manitoban and Canadian government has played a big role in making this work possible, as well as the generous and faithful support we receive from Lutherans across the country. Thank you!

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