The “Charity Quilters” of Mount Calvary Lutheran, Red Deer

Helen Van Katwyk of Mount Calvary Lutheran Church in Red Deer, Alberta sent us an update on her congregation’s “Charity Quilters,” whose hard work helps people in need in their hometown and in the refugee camps and developing communities overseas where CLWR works:

Charity Quilters at Mount Calvary, Red Deer - hard at work!

Charity Quilters at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, Red Deer – hard at work!

For the last five years our “Charity Quilters” ladies get together two mornings a month to quilt, knit, crochet and roll bandages for CLWR and local missions. Last June they shipped 12 boxes of quilts, afghans, baby bundles and sewing kits to CLWR in Winnipeg. In September, after a short summer break, they started work on the next batch of quilts, etc. They are very grateful to Home Hardware for shipping the boxes free of charge since it allows them to use that money for more supplies!100_2259100_1948

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