One “terrific kid” raises money to help in the Philippines

Seven-year-old Anna from Lloydminster rallied her classmates and raised over $700 to help people affected by the typhoon that struck the Philippines. Thanks, Anna! Her mom shared her story with us.
Anna with her poster and terrific kid award

Seven-year-old Anna of Lloydminster raised money for typhoon relief in the Philippines

A few days before the typhoon in the Philippines, Anna was given a grade two homework assignment to participate in two acts of citizenship within the community. She chose to volunteer with our church’s playschool one afternoon as one of her projects. Over the weekend, we watched the news and saw the devastation in the Philippines.  Lloydminster has a large Filipino community, and children of Filipino descent are Anna’s classmates and friends.  We heard a local Filipino woman on the radio, telling that $1 can buy a significant amount of rice in the Philippines.  I talked with Anna about how perhaps a collection for the Filipino people would be a great citizenship project for her school, Winston Churchill. We decorated a container and Anna decided to set a goal of 50 cents per student – translating into a goal of $201. The first day of her collection, a parent stopped by her classroom with an envelope containing the entire $201!  Anna was overwhelmed that her goal had been met with the generosity of only one person. Over the next week students brought in large and small donations, filling Anna’s collection jar.  Altogether Winston Churchill school collected $711.80.  Anna is very excited that her goal was exceeded — she certainly wasn’t expecting to raise so much money.  She is really excited that the government will match the donation and marvels at the amount of rice that money could buy! As members of First Lutheran in Lloydminster, and knowledgeable of the great work CLWR does, we decided to send Winston Churchill’s donation to you, and have shared CLWR’s goals for the Philippines with the school community.

Anna received a “terrific kid” award at school, for the month’s character trait of citizenship.  

Your support is bringing shelter, clean water, household supplies and cash-for-work programs in debris removal (providing income to survivors while helping to clean up communities) to people in the Philippines. 

4 thoughts on “One “terrific kid” raises money to help in the Philippines

  1. Anna is indeed a “terrific kid” who has terrific parents that set the example “it is more blessed to give than to receive.” Way to go Anna!

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