My giving story: Brigitte

This is a very sweet story from one of our young donors. Seven-year-old Brigitte wrote us this note telling us why she decided to ask for donations for a pair of goats for her birthday rather than gifts for herself. Her mom Melanie sent it along to us!

Seven-year-old Brigitte is one of Canadian Lutheran World Relief's youngest donors

Seven-year-old Brigitte asked for donations for a pair of goats for her birthday instead of gifts for herself.

Hi! My name is Brigitte and I had a birthday party in September 2013. I turned 7 years old. I asked my friends to bring a donation instead of birthday gifts because I have enough stuff. I decided to do something with the money and I liked the pair of goats because goats are one of my favorite animals and they provide goat milk and cheese.  They are gentle animals and not too hard to handle. I hope the goats will have babies and be useful for families who are in need. It probably makes people happy and it makes me happy to know that. I also sended some of the money today to the Philippines because some people don’t even have homes now or even a tent because of a big typhoon that destroyed everything. This is my story. I hope you like it.  Brigitte

Thank you, Brigitte – this gift will make a difference for a family working to improve their futures!

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