Update on our flood response in southern Alberta

Alberta-Flood-242x330Thank you for your contribution to the flood relief effort in southern Alberta. You have been generous in your support for Albertans who have had their homes damaged and lives disrupted in the wake of devastating flooding in late June.

We would like to update you on how your donation is being put to work.

CLWR’s main focus is to respond to the long-term needs of people whose needs might not be met by current programs or insurance.

  • Our main partner in carrying out Alberta flood clean-up and reconstruction is Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS), whose volunteers specialize in repairing and rebuilding homes damaged by disasters. With your support MDS has mucked out homes in High River, Calgary, Black Diamond and Medicine Hat. However, for affected families clean-up is only the beginning. We stand ready to partner with MDS as they develop and carry out a long-term response to repair and rebuild homes for those whose needs have fallen through the cracks.
  • In Medicine Hat, your generous heart will help St. Peter Lutheran serve those unable to return to their homes because of flood damage by providing food vouchers.
  • We are in conversation with Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in High River about how we can provide support in their community. High River was hit hard by floodwaters, and local leaders are still assessing needs. Long-term recovery will be our focus, and as local coordinating groups are formed and needs are identified we will provide a targeted response that will fill the greatest need.
  • We are in conversation with southern Alberta pastors to determine the psychological impact the floods have had on their communities and see how we can help people deal with post-traumatic stress disorder and grief caused by the disaster.

Photo by Wayne Stadler.

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