Love can build a bridge

DSCF1926Love can build a bridge
Between your heart and mine
Love can build a bridge
Don’t you think it’s time?
Don’t you think it’s time?

This was the chorus of the group Gospel Journey’s theme song for the Canadian Lutheran World Relief fundraiser at the Norrona Lutheran Church in rural Saskatchewan on Saturday, August 24. Love Can Build a Bridge is a country favourite and has been recorded by a variety of artists including the Judds. For the members of Gospel Journey it summed up the reason for the evening – to build bridges by serving others.

Norrona Church is a small Norwegian Church tucked away in the quiet countryside near Bulyea, Saskatchewan. It’s been serving people in the district for more than a hundred years.

What a delight to be there. Gospel Journey delivered a program of old favourite hymns and gospel songs and the standing-room only crowd joined in on many of them.

The business at hand was to raise money for CLWR water projects but the social atmosphere was terrific. I provided a brief presentation on how CLWR was responding to water issues so that people would have a first hand sense of what they were supporting, but more importantly, to offer a personal thank you for this great work they were accomplishing. This is an annual affair and no small credit goes to the organizers for another successful event.

At intermission, everyone filed outside to roast wieners for hot dogs and just enjoy the evening. It was a prairie postcard kind of evening – soft air, huge sky, and a feeling of standing in God’s grace.

Love can build a bridge from heart to heart, their compassionate hearts proved it. Their target for the evening was $3500!

And, as we like to say on the prairies, “A good time was had by all.”

Tom Brook

Community Relations Director


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