“Strike the rock, and water will come out of it, so that the people may drink.” (Exodus 17:6b)


Selma Alleman and Irene Dodd speak to the congregation about CLWR and the importance of water projects. CLWR/T.Brook

I received an amazing and warm reception at Emmaus Lutheran Church in Edmonton this morning (August 18). This congregation has a real heart for mission and its main work has been to support Canadian Lutheran World Relief in its water projects.

The people of Emmaus have raised many thousand of dollars for CLWR in the past years and are presently well over $5000 for this year.

I was able to bring the congregation news of the work of CLWR and also some slides of some recent water projects we are supporting. The descriptions of the work involved and the profound difference it makes in people’s lives put an extra edge to the important work they are doing.

While offering plate donations are the main source of funds, other fundraising projects have included highway clean-up for which the province paid them $1300, walk-a-thons and penny drives.

May God continue to bless the generous and compassionate hearts of Emmaus Lutheran!

Tom Brook

Community Relations Director, CLWR

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