Sullivan’s confirmation gift

Sullivan Lindsay presents his gift to CLWR executive director Robert Granke (R) and Tyler Gingrich, CLWR's youth engagement coordinator (L). CLWR/J.Clark

Sullivan Lindsay presents his donation to CLWR executive director Robert Granke (right). Joining them is Tyler Gingrich, CLWR’s youth engagement coordinator. CLWR/J.Clark

Confirmations are always special occasions, but for 14-year-old Sullivan and his family his confirmation was more special than usual. Sullivan has experienced medical issues from the day he was born, and has undergone 21 operations in his life.

“When he was born we didn’t know what milestones he would celebrate,” says his mother Tracey Busby. “We have made sure to celebrate this one.”

We are thankful that Sullivan has chosen to remember the work of CLWR in his celebrations. Instead of accepting gifts from family for his confirmation at First Lutheran Church in Winnipeg, he asked that donations be made to CLWR. The gift of $300 will help people in need build better futures for themselves and their families.

His card to us reads:

Dear CLWR,

This donation is given to you because I want to share my confirmation gift. I have plenty in my life so my family was asked to give a gift to you in celebration. You do good work.


Sullivan Lindsay

Thank you!

Sullivan's card to CLWR.

Sullivan’s card to CLWR.


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