“Bug Sprayers” for children in Africa

One hundred and sixty-five children in Saskatoon were “BUGS PRAY-ERS” (get it? bug sprayers!) for children in Africa.

The Vacation Bible School at Redeemer Lutheran Church, Saskatoon held a fundraising drive for mosquito nets last summer. Mosquito nets protect people from malaria, which is spread by mosquitos that bite at night. One child dies every minute from malaria in Africa, and millions of people become infected with the disease each year in some of the poorest countries in the world.

The mission goal was to raise enough money to donate 100 nets to CLWR, to go to people at risk for malaria in Zambia and Mozambique.

A big glass bank held the donations, and the children watched in excitement as the coins grew in number.

“Every day the kids brought in bags of money,” said Elaine Akre, Christian Education Coordinator at Redeemer. “Two girls emptied piggy banks containing over $100.”

She said the VBS kids could relate with protecting children from mosquitos. Canadians are no strangers to the bugs. The only difference is we are not faced with the threat of malaria.

By the end of the week, this successful mission project raised $1,193.53, which will buy 119 nets – exceeding their goal of 100!

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