How deep can I drink?

It was a full house in Calgary for the Friends of CLWR Reception hosted by Lutheran Church of the Cross and organized by the church’s Social Ministry Committee as Lutherans from across the city took advantage of the great hospitality. It was a real delight to share the CLWR story with so many of our supporters.

In introducing me, retired pastor Rev. Corliss Holmes told the story of a boy in a developing country being given a full glass of water and then asking, “How deep can I drink?” How much was he allowed to have? Hardly a question we would ever hear in Canada.

Well, thanks to the generous hearts at Lutheran Church of the Cross, there are fewer children who have to ask that question in areas where CLWR’s partners are providing safe, clean water. As part of their 2012 CLWR emphasis, the Social Ministry Committee called on the congregation to contribute to a well and to everyone’s amazement, the result was funds for several wells. This year they think they may focus on oxen, although the decision is not yet made.

But that’s not all for this mission driven congregation. Everyone from the children on up engage in preparing We Care kits each year.

And that’s still not all! The compassionate hands of the quilters go to work every Thursday in their own quilting room, resulting in as many as 40-60 quilts each year providing hope and comfort around the world.

Lutheran Church of the Cross in Calgary is definitely doing all it can to make sure as many children as possible can drink as much and as deep as they want.

Tom Brook

Community Relations Director


Members of Lutheran Church of the Cross

Social Ministry Committee members present at reception


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