Young adults can experience Peru with CLWR Global Encounter

diakonia photo_peruvian farmer and daughterBarely on the radar of most Canadians is Peru, a mountainous country on the west coast of South America. Like Canada it is rich in natural resources, especially minerals such as copper, silver, lead, zinc, oil and gold. And like so many developing nations, the wealth generated by industry is in the hands of few while the majority struggle to support their families.

The resulting development challenges prompted Canadian Lutheran World Relief to find local partners to help improve the lives of small groups of rural native Peruvians. Now the organization is planning to share with Lutheran young adults (18-35) the scope of its work by organizing a Global Encounter scheduled for May 2013.

The group will visit development and environmental projects throughout the country and experience the Peruvian culture, including historical sites.

“We know young Lutheran adults are eager to make a difference in their world,” said CLWR executive director Robert Granke. “This Global Encounter will bring them face-to-face with some of the challenges in developing countries and show how Canadians impact the lives of men, women and children thousands of miles away from home.”

This is the first CLWR Global Encounter organized specifically for young adults although people in that age group have participated in previous trips to Africa and the Middle East. Last year, Mathew Block visited Mozambique on a Global Encounter. He described the response of villagers to their visit: “Whether it was teaching the people better agricultural practices, building infrastructure, or helping them organize themselves to more effectively look after the needs of their own communities, the reaction was always the same: you [CLWR] have changed our lives, and for the better.”

To make the Global Encounter more accessible, CLWR is providing a $1500 subsidy which reduces the overall cost for participants to $2000 which includes airfare, food, and accommodation during the 10-day encounter.

For more information about becoming involved in this Global Encounter go to or contact Tyler Gingrich at (204) 631-0509,, or through the CLWR Youth page on Facebook.

If you can pass this information to young adults who may be interested in this experience, it would be appreciated. You can find a short paragraph below that can be copied and pasted into church bulletins.

Apply today and experience Peru with Canadian Lutheran World Relief
Calling all 18 to 35-year-old Canadian Lutherans: this is an opportunity to see some amazing work happening in Peru! In May 2013, Canadian Lutheran World Relief will take a group of young adults to Peru to experience its unique culture and see first-hand the development and environmental projects it supports on behalf of Lutherans in Canada. Applications are due January 28. For more information or to apply, go to To learn more about the work being carried out by CLWR here in Canada and around the globe, please go to

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