Life-giving ride-a-Long

It’s 8 AM at the Augusta Victoria Hospital on the Mount of Olives and I’m boarding a bus heading to the town of Hebron. We’re on our way to pick up patients for treatment at the hospital.

This is a critical part of the AVH service. Transportation costs and difficulties crossing checkpoints would normally deter patients, especially women and their children, from receiving major treatment like radiation or dialysis. There were fifty-five persons on this morning’s run, mostly women and children.

Go to this link to view a video of this life giving service!

When we returned to the hospital I had the opportunity to tour the pediatric dialysis unit. There are seven beds that presently operate in two shifts, but a third shift is to be added very soon. There are seventy regular patients for this specialized dialysis and an additional fourteen units for adults. You could see the relief on the faces of mothers tending to their children in the unit, relief that this life giving service is available.

You can also provide hope by donating to the Olive Tree Partnership and selecting “Care for a Child” Gifts from the Heart option.

Tom Brook

Community Relations Director

Rajah has been a nurse in the pediatric dialysis unit of AVH for 12 years. T, Brook/CLWR

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