These feet need shoes

The looks on the faces of the children at the Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan told the story of hope. The hope of being able to return to their former homes even if there was nothing left of them. Hope of a future in their homeland.

For many their feet told of a more pressing hope, the hope there would shoes and warm clothing for the winter that was fast approaching.

For the 45,000 Syrian refugees in this camp the reality of a winter of zero temperatures and driving rain made practical concerns the first priority.

The immediate need is for warm winter clothing, winterizing tent shelters, and providing heaters. The cost is about $200 per family.

CLWR is issuing an appeal for funds to provide comfort and hope. Donations can be made by going to Click on the “Donate Now” button, then “Emergenices,” and choose “Syrian Refugee Relief 2012.” 

CLWR is also calling on the federal government to increase its support for Syrian refugees including matching the donations received by Canadian charities.

A large number of the Syrian refugees are middle class people, used to an urban life-style living in houses with water and electricity connections. The arrival at the camp after the trauma of fleeing the country under the cover of darkness and fear of life is an additional shock and has a severe psycho-social impact on adults and children alike. More than 75% of the arrivals are women and children.

Tom Brook

CLWR Community Relations Director

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