Refugee voices: Ismail Elhaji

Ismail Elhaji and his family have made it to safety in Vancouver after he fled imprisonment and torture in Darfur. CLWR/F.Tsehai

Ismail Elhaji was born in Zalingi, Darfur in 1972. He and his wife May have four children. They left their country Sudan due to the genocide, arbitrarily aimed particularly at his tribe Fur.

The problems began in 1996 when the governmental forces conducted indiscriminate killing of the people in Darfur. These government forces burnt houses, looted properties, and perpetrated immoral acts against women. Ismail was imprisoned and tortured for refusing to fight fellow Darfurians by joining the so-called Popular Defense. When he was released in September 2006, he escaped with his family to Egypt.

CLWR submitted a sponsorship application for him and his family in 2009. They arrived in Vancouver, BC, on July 24, 2012. The family is very thankful to CLWR for bringing them to safety and for changing their lives.

Fikre Tsehai

CLWR Refugee Program Manager

Learn more about how your congregation can sponsor refugees by clicking here.

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