Supporting medical care in Chinandega, Nicaragua

A doctor sees a patient at the Lutheran Church-Canada and CLWR-supported medical clinic in Chinandega, Nicaragua. CLWR/A.Aguillon

Earlier this year, Abdon Aguillon, CLWR’s program manager for Latin America & the Caribbean, had the opportunity to visit church priority projects in Nicaragua supported by Lutheran Church–Canada (LCC) and CLWR.

Your support helps fund a medical clinic in Chinandega that provides primary health and dental care to people in the community, especially women and children. Two doctors and one dentist volunteer every Thursday, and their services are in high demand.

Your support also provides medical supplies and helps make medical care more affordable for people in the community (approximately $1 Canadian for a visit compared to $6 at other clinics. Medications are also reduced in cost).

-Learn more about this LCC and CLWR-supported project by clicking here.

-Donate online to provide continued support for the Chinandega clinic by clicking here.

A dentist provides care once a week at the Chinandega, Nicaragua clinic. CLWR/A.Aguillon

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