“Tell them I always pray for you”

LCC and CLWR-supported after-school programs in Nicaragua provide Christian education and extra support in Spanish and math for participating children. CLWR/A.Aguillon

Earlier this year, Abdon Aguillon, CLWR’s program manager for Latin America & the Caribbean, had the opportunity to visit church priority projects in Nicaragua supported by Lutheran Church–Canada (LCC) and CLWR.

Twenty congregations in the Iglesia Luterana Sínodo de Nicaragua hold after-school programs for children in the area. About 25 students participate per congregation, where they receive help with their homework, particularly in Spanish and math. The program teachers keep in touch regularly with the children’s school teachers so that they are all up-to-date on each child’s progress. Part of the after-school program time is devoted to Christian education.

Your support also goes to train the program’s teachers, and to provide children in the program with uniforms, shoes, books, pencils, and other school supplies. (Most Nicaraguan children cannot attend school without a uniform, which is expensive for many families).

After-school program participants give a presentation for their visitors. The girl in green asks Abdon to tell CLWR and LCC that she always prays for us. CLWR/A.Aguillon

The need for these programs is high, and there is a waiting list for children to enroll. The community decides which families need the support the most. The focus is on children of single mothers or mothers who need to work outside the home and aren’t always available once their children come home from school.

Abdon was moved when, on his visit to one of the congregations, a young girl from the after-school program came up to him and gave him a hug. “Tell them that I always pray for you,” she said, wanting CLWR and our supporters to know that she remembers us and the positive impact our support is having on her life.

– Click on the links to read more about LCC’s Nicaraguan missions and the after-school programs run by Iglesia Luterana Sínodo de Nicaragua.

– You can donate through CLWR to support LCC’s Nicaraguan missions (which include the after-school programs and a medical/dental clinic) and to support education in CLWR’s other development projects:

Donate online to Child’s Education for a Year

Donate online to Doctor for a Day

Donate online to Training for Teachers

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