Hope and help for children affected by HIV/AIDS

This child is one of many orphans in South Africa who are being cared for by a CLWR-supported program. CLWR/R.Granke

Late last week, CLWR Board Treasurer Gene Blishen and Executive Director Robert Granke were in South Africa, where they met with the governing board that oversees a program for children orphaned by HIV/AIDS. This CLWR-supported project is run by the the Lutheran Communion in Southern Africa (LUCSA). It was a joy for them to see the education and home-based care offered by social workers and a dedicated team who are making life more bearable for victims and working tirelessly to prevent the further spread of this disease.

Youth in the LUCSA program for kids affected by HIV/AIDS. CLWR/R.Granke

Visit the South Africa category of this blog to read about a visit to South Africa CLWR staff and supporters experienced last summer, where they met more people benefitting from the work of LUCSA, and brought some We Care school kits to a community centre for kids affected by HIV/AIDS.

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