“Before there were no coins in our pockets. Now we are moving with money.”

Hello from Chipata, Zambia! Enock and I have arrived here after spending several days visiting villages in the Chifunde and Tsangano districts of Mozambique. This has truly been a life-changing experience for me. It is my first time visiting CLWR’s work overseas and I can say that I have felt very welcomed and very impressed by what I’ve seen so far. The people here are not only thankful for your support – they are taking your support and building on it to create even better things for themselves and their communities.

For example, I visited the village of Mwanjete, located high in the mountains on the Mozambique and Malawi border. Your support has led to the construction of a covered market in the village. This makes a huge difference to the men and women here who wish to sell their produce. Before they had no designated place to sell their goods, and rain would create even more difficulties. Now they have a clean, covered place to do business and earn money for their families year-round.

The covered market in Mwanjete village, Mozambique allows villagers to sell their produce in a clean, covered space year-round. CLWR/J.Clark

“We are getting a lot of profit,” says Rosebe Bisale. “Women are now self-sustaining.”

They are earning enough to pay their children’s school fees, buy clothes for their children and themselves, and buy garden tools. The market has attracted vendors from outside communities, which has brought more goods and more choice to the people of Mwanjete.

Members of Mwanjete community. Second from left is Rosebe Bisale, third from left is Livanesse Citima. On right is Joao Richard. (Unfortunately I don’t have the name of the third woman at the moment!) CLWR/J.Clark

Community members are also using a village community bank (called a VICOBA), which is made up of savings from members in the community. The aim of a VICOBA is to give men and women the opportunity to get loans to start small businesses. Some women have used loans to buy flour to bake and sell cakes.

“Before we did not know anything,” says Livanesse Citima. “We now know how to do cakes. We can prepare good food for our husbands. Before there were no coins in our pockets, and now we are moving with money.”

Jennifer Clark

CLWR Program Assistant – Community Relations

Enock Oduro, CLWR program manager for Africa, and Jennifer Clark, CLWR program assistant-community relations, are spending two weeks visiting CLWR community development projects in Mozambique and Zambia.

Thank you to the LWF Tete staff for hosting us and for sharing their work with us!

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