“Chicken change” makes a difference

Happy Children, Happy Chicks. Photo: Kathy Asfeldt

Kathy Asfeldt, a teacher at Whispering Hills Primary School in Athabasca, Alberta, submitted this story about her kindergarten class’s chick-hatching project. This year they tied their efforts into a fundraiser to provide chickens for communities in Africa. In total, they raised enough coins to purchase five flocks of chickens through CLWR’s Gifts from the Heart.

Every year, we have the egg-citing and valuable experience of hatching chicks in our kindergarten class. It takes a lot of time and effort and so this year, to make it even more worthwhile, we found a way to share our experience with others.

We read the book “One Hen: How One Small Loan Made a Big Difference” by Katie Smith Milway, and during the 21 days of incubation, our two kindergarten classes and their families collected spare change in order to give less fortunate families in other countries the gift of one hen.

We had great support for our “Chicken Change” project and by the time our chicks hatched, we had filled 225 plastic eggs with $1.00 each in coins. It took a lot of coin counting but it was worth it because our $225.00 was enough to purchase five flocks of chickens through Canadian Lutheran World Relief.

Although our 23 chicks just went to a farm in our community, we were able to help some needy communities far away in Africa. We are never too young or old to make a difference.

225 eggs filled with chicken change. Photo: Kathy Asfeldt

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