Farmer to farmer: compassionate hands and hearts

During a recent visit to Trinity Lutheran Church in Leader, Saskatchewan I had the pleasure of visiting with some of the Lutheran members of the Southwest Saskatchewan Growing Project. The project grows grain on a rented quarter-section of land and donates the proceeds to the CLWR account at Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

The result is a fund that CLWR and CFGB use to collaborate on a variety of programs to End Hunger. Food sufficiency and even where our food comes from are not things most of us think about very much but they are top of mind among those we serve together. Proceeds from a project like this one are used to provide irrigation, water diversion and retention infrastructure so land can be farmed and abundant crops grown by farmers in places like the Afar region of Ethiopia.

Members of this growing project come from many of the different churches in Leader Local businesses assist by providing inputs. Even the land is rented at a less than market price. It is a real community effort.

The harvest was completed last week and it resulted in about 6500 bushels or enough to feed 4000 for a year. How wonderful is that!

Tom Brook – Community Relations Director


Some Southwest Saskatchewan Growing Project Supporters – Roxana Tiefenbach (front/center) with Randy and Marion Ausmus and sons Zane and Grant – T.Brook/CLWR

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