Lutheran & Anglican youth explore their connections at national gathering

In the Facebook-It event, participants had to find guests of CLAY in downtown Saskatoon. This group found us! On left, Heather Pryse and Tyler Gingrich of CLWR. Photo by CLWR/Jennifer Clark

Did you know that over 750 youth “hyperlinked” this past August in Saskatoon?

The ways that technology connects people was the theme of this year’s Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth (CLAY) gathering, which brings together young Lutherans and Anglicans every two years.  CLWR staff members Heather Pryse, Jennifer Clark, and Tyler Gingrich – new Youth Engagement Coordinator at CLWR as of July 30 – attended CLAY as CLWR’s representatives.

We were invited to connect with youth, share the work that CLWR does around the world, and raise awareness about social justice.  We joined in an opening game called “Face-book-it,” where youth and their home team leaders had to find disguised and strategically placed guests of CLAY in different parts of downtown Saskatoon.  We positioned ourselves somewhat inconspicuously by the Saskatchewan River, and enjoyed meeting the youth that found us!

There were six different keynote addresses following a common theme at each of the large group gatherings.  Following the theme of the gathering – “Hyperlink” – the sessions used terms from our computer and cell phone age to address the youth, like “Join the network,” “There’s an app for that,” and “Attach/Send.” Of the speakers, three were Lutheran clergy: Anne Anderson from New Hamburg, ON, Tim Wray from Millet, AB, and Dennis Hendricksen from Regina, SK.

Together with representatives from Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund, we presented a workshop on food insecurity to gathering participants. We joined Sheilagh and Evan from PWRDF to share

The band at one of CLAY’s Large Group Gatherings. Photo CLWR/J.Clark

information and lead some games that invited thought about access and availability of food around the world.  In all, about 100 young people participated.

We really are connected by food, whether we have enough of it, whether we have it available to us, and whether it provides adequate nourishment.  Did you know that approximately one billion people struggle with food insecurity in the world?  CLWR works to address this in a number of ways that include providing food aid and training in sustainable agricultural practices.

Some short videos have been uploaded to CLWR’s YouTube channel as follow-up “webisodes” from CLAY.  View them online:

Follow further CLWR work as it pertains to youth and young adults on our Facebook page,, or by emailing

Rev. Tyler Gingrich

Youth Engagement Coordinator

CLWR and PWRDF folks at our joint forum on food security. l-r Jennifer Clark, Evan Kenyon, Tyler Gingrich, Heather Pryse, Sheilagh McGlynn. Photo: CLWR/T.Gingrich

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