St. Matthewsville under construction

The children of St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church in Spruce Grove, Alberta are learning about the needs of others on the other side of the world. Led by Director of Missions, Suzanne Connolly, the children are challenging the congregation to support the CLWR One Community program.

“I see this project as an opportunity to educate the children about the needs of those living far away who were not blessed with nearly as much as we here in Canada,” says Suzanne. She reports that the children’s Sunday School (and VBS) offerings are collected and used to purchase needed items as outlined in the One Community project guide. One item is chosen as a goal and weekly a visual representation of the goal is coloured in until our goal is attained (e.g. they coloured 45 pictures of chickens, each representing $1 – then moved on to a new goal such as a fish net etc.).

Ms. Connolly says, “I think it is important for children to understand the needs of the world (to an age-appropriate extent) as well as feel empowered to help in whatever way possible. I found the book Me to We very inspiring and wanted some way to get my own children involved. I was thrilled when Pastor Mick Macintyre directed me to the CLWR website where I found the One Community project. Everything fell into place and St. Matthewsville was born!”

Tom Brook, Community Relations Director


Pastor Mick Macintyre, St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Spruce Grove Alberta and the One Community display. T. Brook/CLWR

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