Great turnout for first Kitchener-Waterloo baling days

Our K.W. Baling Days volunteers. What a lovely bunch! CLWR/J.Ardon

August 20/21 Thanks to a lot of hard work and generosity the inaugural K.W. Baling Days was a true success. Over the two days dozens of volunteers gathered at the Mennonite Central Committee warehouse in Kitchener Ontario to sort, pack and load donations from the region’s Lutheran churches.

View more photos from K.W. Baling Days here:

In all 27,801 lbs. of humanitarian aid were squeezed into a 20-foot container. The value of the supplies exceeded $45,000 and included not only We Care kits and quilts, but also medical supplies from International HOPE Canada and drums of dehydrated vegetable soup mix courtesy of the Ontario Christian Gleaners.

A Mauritanian woman receives a quilt and other supplies forwarded from Canada.
Photo courtesy of Federation Lutherienne Mondiale.

The supplies have begun their journey to our partners the Federation Lutherienne Mondiale in Nouakchott Mauritania. For the previous four years CLWR has delivered the BC Baling Days shipment to Mauritania and this new initiative in some ways represents a passing of the torch. The material aid will be used to assist those marginalized by chronic poverty and displaced by natural disaster. An update on the shipment’s impact will be available next year.

Plans are already underway for next year’s K.W. Baling Days event, with supporters vowing to make it bigger and better in every way. We hope to see you there too!

“I volunteered because we’ve been doing We Care bags, baby bundles and quilts, and sending them through Home Hardware and they would be shipped out to Winnipeg. This was the opportunity to be able to actually do it hands-on. This is the first baling event here in Kitchener-Waterloo and it was great to be here to see all the volunteers and just see how energetic everybody is, to see the whole process. I’m really looking forward to doing it again next year.”

-Susan Dietrich (St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Kitchener)

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