Bundles of baby bundles at St. Peter’s, Ottawa

St. Peter’s, Ottawa congregation members assembled 35 baby bundles this Mother’s Day. Photo by Jean Ringhofer

Richard and Isabel Gattinger of St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Ottawa wrote to tell us about a special Mother’s Day project the congregation held this year.

The congregation set up an assembly line to create CLWR We Care baby bundles! Members could gather together the parts of a bundle, which includes sleepers, blankets, and cloth diapers, and then pass it to several women at a “quality control” table for checking and wrapping. Even the men got involved with assembly, as well as packing and taping the boxes. The boxes were dropped off at Home Hardware on the following afternoon for shipping to CLWR’s warehouse in Winnipeg.

All in all, the congregation assembled 35 baby bundles to help mothers and babies in need, and already there is talk of assembling 100 next Mother’s Day!

Learn more about CLWR’s We Care program on our website: http://www.clwr.org/What-We-Do/make_kits_and_quilts.htm

The activity was well-received by the congregation, and they’re looking forward to making more next Mother’s Day! Photo by Jean Ringhofer

Folding a baby bundle. Photo by Jean Ringhofer

The assembly line. Photo by Jean Ringhofer

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