Just about there!

The trouble with kids today is you cannot get them interested in anything. Right? Well you wouldn’t want to say that out loud at St. Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church in Barrhead, Alberta. You would be in for a pretty good argument if you did.

Some of the St. Johns youth and their One Community development board. – CLWR/T. Brook

Youth at this church have been involved in supporting the life giving work of Canadian Lutheran World relief for a long time. Recently they got very serious.

Eric and Rylan decided that a well sounded like a very good idea and made that their confirmation project. It wasn’t long before the congregation responded in ways that sent them on their way past one well.

What happened? Well it was sort of like the day of Pentecost we just celebrated together at St. Johns. The gift of the Holy Spirit wasn’t like a birthday or Christmas gift, it wasn’t a thing. What it did was much what Spring does for a tree. Spring doesn’t give a tree anything but simply helps the tree develop what it already has inside it. And, pretty soon it blossoms and bears fruit. Well that’s what the leadership of the youth did at St. Johns. It helped bring out the generous hearts that already existed.

But they did not stop there. With the encouragement and support of Youth Coordinator, Shelly Ree, they have taken up the 2010 CLAY challenge of ’12 in ’12 and are raising money for the One Community project – supplying the inputs a village needs to become self sustainable.

How’s it coming? They are JUST ABOUT THERE. They have raised a little over $4400 of the $5000 goal. Fantastic!

There are at least 20 young people heading for this years youth gathering in Saskatoon. Pastor Kevin Ree said there had been some talk of going to Saskatoon by canoe. That’s passed, but one thing that hasn’t passed is the commitment and engagement of these youth in Barrhead.

Tom Brook

Community Relations Director

One thought on “Just about there!

  1. Thanks Tom for bringing the good news of CLWR’s work to us as well. We value your partnership! Some of the ways the youth raised funds for ‘One Community’ also benefitted the environment: like highway clean-up (we always get the road from town to the landfill site), and collecting old lead acid batteries for recycle throughout the rural community in which we live.

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