2006 and counting!

Two thousand and six, that’s the number of quilts shipped by the Lutheran Church Women of St. Peters Lutheran Church in Stettler, Alberta – and that’s just since they began to keep records!

I had the pleasure of visiting with the group to bring them greetings from Canadian Lutheran World Relief but above all thanking them for all they have done to improve the lives of people around the world, not only through their quilting work but also all the other generous gifts they provide. With the technical assistance of Pastor Karl Faltin, I was able to describe the general work of CLWR and also focus on some current activity in Ethiopia.

There are fourteen women in the group and they are very keen on what they do. They also have a terrific volunteer in Rosmer Salas of the Philippines. Rosmer is in Canada on a temporary work permit, but hopes to be able to obtain immigrant status so he can bring his family to Canada as well. Rosmer sews the quilts together as a volunteer and the LCW members admire his work a lot.

Ans, as in any Lutheran fellowship hall or church basement in Canada, the snacks were great!

Tom Brook – Community Relations Director

St. Paters Lutheran Church LCW women and their pastor Karl Faltin with some of the most recent quilting work.       CLWR/T. Brook

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