Heart of the Good Shepherd

Members of the Church of the Good Shepherd LWML

Members of the Church of the Good Shepherd LWML, Pastor Harold Borchardt, Tom Brook. Photo: CLWR/T.Brook

Church of the Good Shepherd in the Winnipeg suburb of Transcona truly has the heart of the Good Shepherd. This Lutheran Church Canada congregation is deeply engaged in a variety of international and domestic mission and ministry. However, it seemed to me, that they had a special attachment to Canadian Lutheran World Relief.

The LWML provides We Care kits, quilts and blankets as well as financial support. Even the Sunday School children meet their mission needs through CLWR. The members of the congregation are also very generous in their personal support.

Seventy people came to lunch following the service to hear about the work of CLWR. I was pleased to report on some of the life-giving work of CLWR in Ethiopia. They learned more about what Lutherans are doing at the Shirkole Refugee Camp on the border with Sudan, the famine relief work in the Goro District and agricultural development in Rural Ethiopia.

Next week the Sunday School is sponsoring a tea, CLWR will be the object of the free-will offering!

Tom Brook

Community Relations Director

One thought on “Heart of the Good Shepherd

  1. Good Morning Tom,

    Thank you for such a nice write up and the great picture. I give thanks to God for the work He enables us to do with all that He has given us, may He always bless the work that you do through CLWR.
    God’s Richest Blessings in Christ,

    Rev. Harold Borchardt
    Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd

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