Realizing full potential in Bolivia

Amid unusually cool and rainy weather, the CLWR Andean Team is meeting in Santa Cruz, Bolivia on April 27th and 28th.  The primary agenda for the meeting is to discuss progress in results to date within the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)-supported program in Bolivia and Peru.  An action plan is being developed to ensure the full potential of the project is realized before March 31, 2013(the end date of the current project), and to discuss the project currently being prepared for CIDA.

On Sunday the 29th, Abdon Aguillon (Latin America Program Manager), Fernando Gamon (Andean Region Program Coordinator) and Elaine Peters (Program Director) will travel to Sucre and Potosi to visit two partners, and the municipal leaders and community members involved in their respective project areas.   We are all hopeful that the project visits will move forward as planned given that yesterday the National Government decreed a national holiday for Monday.

Elaine Peters

Program Director

The people in the photo are from left to right back row – Lilian Chavez, Guadalupe Perez Aponte, Judith Torrejon, Elaine Peters
Front Row – Abdon Aguillon, Fernando Gamon (CLWR Photo-E.Peters)

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