The best is yet to come

CLWR Executive Director Robert Granke at MNO Synod Convention, April 2012. Photo: CLWR/T. Brook

Canadian Lutheran World Relief Executive Director, Robert Granke, brought greetings to the Manitoba and Northwest Ontario ELCIC Synod convention by reporting on some of the new initiatives taking place in Palestine and East Jerusalem.

Augusta Victoria Hospital on the Mount of Olives is providing leading edge oncology treatment, particularly to Palestinian women and specialized dialysis treatment for children. The hospital will soon be expanding the sub acute care currently taking place in the “Canadian Wing” to a new 120-bed center for palliative and senior care. These advancements along with the continuing success of the Vocational Training Program for youth transforms and builds civil society and the economy.

Bob said the best is yet to come in CLWR work in Palestine. The Dar Al Kalima auditorium in Bethlehem, currently under construction, will be the “largest and best sports facility in all of Palestine” and will compliment the Lutheran college there which enables the next generation to realize their potential through educational excellence.

This work complements the special attention CLWR is placing on engaging youth and young adults through developing new web-based resources, emphasis on use of social media platforms, work opportunities with the agency, and travel abroad.

Finally, Bishop Elaine Sauer received a cheque from Bob representing support for Gifts from the Heart donations to support synod mission activity such as Kids Helping Kids and urban mission.

Tom Brook

Community Relations Director

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