Selling “goat feed” for Gifts from the Heart

Trinity and Jaime Nylen with “Charlie” and “Molly” at Erickson Lutheran Church. Photo provided by Judy Diswinka.

Judy Diswinka sent CLWR this story about a clever Gifts from the Heart fundraiser the Erickson Lutheran Church in Manitoba held this past Christmas:

The Erickson Lutheran Church Women decided to have a campaign using CLWR’s Gifts from the Heart catalogue to see how much money we could raise for CLWR. The catalogue was mentioned at our ladies circle meetings and at church. As suggested in your catalogue, we talked about straight donations to CLWR, as well as purchasing gifts for friends and family who didn’t really “need” anything. The campaign was very successful.

I particularly want to tell you about the fun we had with one part our campaign. We went with what was called “the goat fund” and proceeded to raise money to buy goats (realizing that the money does not necessarily go for goats, but is used wherever it is needed.)

At our Christmas Bazaar, there was a table with two cardboard goats (a boy and a girl), with ballots and a ballot box to name each goat (for free), plus sealed bags of “goat food” (wrapped candy) to buy for $1.00. You might be interested to know that the names drawn for the goats were Molly and Charlie!

This table provided much laughter and fun. Two of our young church members, Jaime and Trinity Nylen, were in charge of the table. They had 31 bags of goat food, and sold all of them! It was especially nice to see the girls’ participation and enjoyment.

I hope you get a smile out of their efforts and the idea.

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