Another new leader

Sometimes you have days that just lift you up and make you feel that all is right with the world. Today was one of those days.

I went to Church of the Good Shepherd in Red Deer today to attend the ordination of Marc Jerry. I first met Marc when he was intern at Earl Grey Saskatchewan. I was impressed. He spoke about his trip to Ethiopia and the live giving work he witnessed that was being supported by Canadian Lutheran World Relief. It was clear that he had a real heart for mission  and development work. Marc is a special person and will prove to be a gifted leader in the church.

In his sermon, Reverend Deighton Lee, told Marc that now that he has pulled his boat ashore and chosen to follow Jesus that his work has just begun and Marc will be asking, “What have I gotten into?’, but Christ would be there to guide and lead him. Reverend Lee also said the congregation would be asking themselves the same question, but they should follow because Marc was following in the steps of Jesus and they won’t go wrong.

Another highlight of the afternoon was being able to renew acquaintances with a number of faithful CLWR supporters.

Of course one of the great joys of these kind of events where there is a crowd of pastors gathered together is the terrific singing. I think they each try to out sing the other and the result is great music! There was a real sea of red at this ordination.

Tom Brook

Community Relations Director

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